It’s never too late…

to visit the Philippine Islands or to write again!

It wasn’t until I clicked “Purchase” on the airline website that it really hit me…this trip is happening, this research is happening, this is the life I am living. 

It’s been over 2 decades, 20 years, 1,040 weeks, 7,300 days, 10.5 million minutes since I have travelled to the Philippines. After losing connection to my ethnic roots, the culture from which my life originates, I will embark on this journey to rediscover what it means to be a Filipina – including life on the islands, the love of family, and what it means to lead in higher education. 

When I started my PhD program just two years ago, I would have not imagined that I would be interested in researching the stories and experiences of Filipino/a Americans in higher education. Now that I have made the decision to focus my research on this population of leaders, I also have discovered my desire to learn more about the islands, the people, the culture, and the language from which I originate. 

So this is what I will be doing: I will learn the language. I will understand what it means to be Filipino/a (in the US and the PI). I will talk to both sides of my family and collect ourstories. I will learn what it means to be a leader in higher education. I will love where I come from and the life I have been gifted. 

…and I will write. I will write it all down because my words and these stories are powerful beyond measure and more valuable than gold. It’s never too late to rediscover life, love, and leadership.