Service in Bangkok, Thailand

One week of service in Bangkok, Thailand with our partners CCS Thailand.

What an incredible experience! I would highly recommend this type of vacation for anyone interested in doing volunteer service while learning about another country’s customs, culture, and language. I am so blessed to have experienced this for myself. First off, the staff of CCS Thailand is incredible. Pimsuda is the Mother Hen who took great care of all of us volunteers. Jack was the best program coordinator. He always went above and beyond to make our experience the best it could be and he had lots of jokes! 🙂 Our driver Benz was awesome…and our home base house keepers, Jiew and Noo, took very good care of us. Second, from the Thai language lesson to doing service in an elementary school teaching English to 5th and 6th graders…this experience is an unforgettable one! The excitement of the kids to have us there and the generosity and hospitality of the school teachers and administrators was heart-warming! I felt like a celebrity! I was brought to tears so many times this past week and I am forever indebted to the people of Thailand. A cultural highlight was meeting Dr. Anil who taught us about Buddhism. He’s brilliant and his teachings gave me a new perspective on life. I am forever changed. Each moment of this trip I was transformed into a better me! Just to experience the culture and to practice some of the customs is a unique experience that I hope to share my story with others to inspire them to try something similar.


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