Packing is a challenge…but I think I’m figuring it out!

So I decided to do a trial run of trying to put almost 2 weeks of clothes into what most people would consider to be a hand carry-on sized luggage…and I completely failed to get it all in there! I didn’t even have the chance to put shoes, toiletries, and camera accessories in the luggage…oh boy! I’m in trouble. This is going to be a challenge! But the green side of my personality gets excited about these challenges and the orange side wants me to pack a swimsuit and just wing it in Thailand! (For all you True Colors fans out there…you know what I’m talking about!) So here I am…instead of re-packing I’m blogging about it!

So what are the essentials for Southeast Asia in August when it’s 85F and rainy season?

Maybe the alphabet essentials:

  • Attitude: It’s going to be Amazing no matter what!
  • Be ready But also Be flexible
  • Clear the media cards so I can Capture all the memories
  • Don’t fill the luggage…save room for gifts to bring home
  • Everything will be fine Even if some things get left behind
  • Forget being prepared for everything…it will be Fabulous
  • Go
  • Have fun!
  • It’s going to work out no matter what
  • Just breath
  • Keep the essentials
  • Live each day to the fullest
  • Make time to just enjoy the Moments
  • Now is all that matters, Never worry about the future until it becomes Now
  • Opportunities like this don’t come every day
  • Practice gratitude
  • Quality Quiet time is a must
  • Remember to leave a place better than the way you found it
  • Service is the number 1 purpose of this trip
  • This is going to be a Time to remember
  • Underestimate what you will need for 3.5 weeks
  • View this as a learning experience-expect the unexpected (embrace the ambiguity)
  • Wake up everyday ready to make things happen
  • Xpect to try new things
  • You can do it!
  • Zen

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